"We are not makers of history.
We are made by history"

-Martin Luther King, Jr.



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Chapter History

The Mississippi chapter of ASHRAE was chartered on May 25, 1953. The charter having been approved by the society council in April of the same year. The Mississippi chapter with headquarters in Jackson became the 53rd local chapter chartered by the society. The charter was signed by Reg F. Taylor of Houston, Texas, the society President, and A.V. Hutchinson, Executive Secretary of New York, New York.

The receipt of the charter was the culmination of months of organizational activity in Mississippi. The organization was a success due to the leadership efforts of Burt Lomax, Jr., I.E. Rowe, James E. Davis, Jr., W.H. Lambeth, James G. Coleman, Forrest North, Owen Rogers, Bill Piatt, F.L. Cooper, Stuart Thomas, C.L. Nicholson, and Tom Dent.

The first organization meeting was held on March 24, 1952 at which time Burt Lomax was elected to serve as Chairman. Burt, at the April meeting, appointed a membership committee and a program committee. Those assembled set the fourth Monday of each month as the established meeting date for the group.

The meeting at which the Mississippi chapter's charter was presented was held at The Walthall Hotel in Jackson on May 25, 1953. Distinguished guest included:

       Reg F. Taylor, President, A.S.H.V.E.
       Robert Young, President, Mississippi Society of Professional Engineers
       Walter Cooke, President, Delta Chapter (New Orleans)
       A.G. Holmes, Professor M.E., Mississippi State University

The charter was presented to the new chapter by Reg F. Taylor, and it was accepted by Burt Lomax on behalf of the Mississippi chapter. Officers of the chapter were:

       Burt Lomax, President
       I.E. Rowe, Vice President
       James G. Coleman, Secretary
       Robert Porter, Board of Governors
       Ray Vernon, Board of Governors
       Jim Taylor, Board of Governors