Wednesday January 16, 2019


Location: Mama Hamils 751 US-51, Madison, MS

Tech Session: 11:00 a.m Space Pressurization: Concept and Practice

Lunch Session: 12:00 a.m ASHRAE Guideline 36: High Performance Sequences of Operation

Speakers: Jim Coogan



Topic - Space Pressurization: Concept and Practice

Program teaches ventilation control design for critical pressurized spaces such as laboratories, clean rooms and health care facilities.  Topics run from basic physics of pressurization, through air flow control issues and detailed design considerations.  Covers goals and concepts behind pressurization.  Emphasis on the importance of the room envelope.  Explains the common control methods, and when to choose each one.

Topic - ASHRAE Guideline 36: High Performance Sequences of Operation

With the release of the new Guideline 36, the controls community within ASHRAE aims to improve HVAC operation and building automation. Specific goals include:

  • Higher quality in installed systems through standardization

  • Higher energy efficiency through advanced sequence design

  • Better building operation through fault detection and smart alarm strategies

This talk recounts the background and history and future direction of the guideline project. It explains the content of the first published draft. And it tells system specifiers how to apply the guideline now to new construction projects and renovation.



Jim Coogan is a Principal Engineer in product development and applications at Siemens Building Technologies.  In 35 years designing controls for mechanical systems, he has contributed to products ranging from simple room controllers to Internet-based operator interfaces.  His work has resulted in numerous patents. 

 Jim has chaired several ASHRAE Technical Committees including, Control Theory and Applications, and Laboratory Systems.  He also chaired the committee that developed a Standard Method of Test for Airflow Controls.  Jim serves as vice-chair of the committee updating the ANSI Z9.5 Standard: Laboratory Ventilation.  Jim participates in the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories.

 Publications include technical papers on room pressurization and laboratory system commissioning and VAV flow control.  Jim earned his SB in mechanical engineering at MIT.